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Building a New Equestrian Riding Arena with Steel

Giving your horses the best of care does not mean you have to pay the most for it. If you need to build a new equestrian riding arena, whether it be indoor or outdoor, you will get the best results if you frame it with metal. Even if you are just looking to expand an existing riding arena, metal is the solution to meet your equestrian needs. A riding arena built with metal can be completed within your budget projections; and when completed, give you a sturdy building to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for your horses.

Horse owners want as much riding space as possible in an indoor riding arena as in an outdoor arena. Metal brings such strength to a building that even an indoor arena can have up to 300 feet of clear-span space (the width of a football field) for ample riding room. Using metal for the framing gives you the best quality possible as you have less need for support columns that become obstructions and limit the layout designs for placement of stalls, offices, bleachers and any needed facilities.

A metal building system will be highly resistant to potential damages caused by mold, mildew, termites and other wood-destroying insects. As a result, a metal retail building will last longer and need less maintenance than other more conventional structures made with more Building your riding arena out of steel gives it increased strength and durability to hold up under adverse weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain or snow fall. This offers greater protection for your horses and for anybody within the riding arena. Also, any enclosed areas of your building can have the climate-controlled environment you desire due to the tight connections of the metal pieces. Metal riding arenas are insulated to provide resistance to condensation and moisture for a healthy environment. A fire in a wooden framed structure can be difficult if not impossible to extinguish; but, metal is fire-resistant and therefore offers greater protection against fires. By far, metal is the safer choice in construction material.

Using a metal building system means your arena will be completed quickly and less-expensively. Metal can be pre-drilled, pre-welded and pre-punched at the factory and delivered directly to your work site so you can begin construction on schedule. A metal arena can be completed in just a few weeks. In the end, you will have saved money—sometimes as much as 40% of the cost compared to construction costs of similar structures using traditional material like wood, brick, or stone.

When you frame your building with metal it will not have to look like a big, ugly, metal warehouse. On the contrary, it can be easily enhanced with decorative brick, wood, stucco, glass, aggregate panels, canopies, and many more component options, all for a look that fits your style. Such design options mean there is no problem in meeting local zoning requirements. Using a metal building system also allows for a variety of eave heights, as well as a wide-range of large and small door sizes and types, including: bi-fold, bi-parting, and stacking. Paying to make your riding arena look its best does not mean it will have to cost a small fortune. Using a metal building system makes any accessorizing both affordable and long-lasting. For many horse owners, the horse is part of the family. Metal is the best choice, as far as cost and quality, if you want to build a new riding arena or just expand an existing one. Whether it is for commercial or personal use, you will be better off building a solid structure out of metal. Take chances with the lives of their animals; and give your horse a safe and dry place to call home. Build the riding arena with steel, and that home will last a lifetime.