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Steel-Framed Church Buildings

In the life of a church family, a building program is a very important yet difficult mission. At the core of the concerns is one of stewardship - getting the most for the least amount of money in order to advance the Kingdom of God. The best way to save both time and money, whether you want to expand an existing church or build a brand new one, is to use metal framing in the construction process rather than traditional wood. Look below for just a few of the many benefits from a stewardship standpoint of having a steel-framed church building instead of a wood-frame.

More Versatility In The Design

Church buildings framed with metal have the remarkable benefit of column-free interiors that allow for uninterrupted floor space-ideal for a sanctuary, fellowship hall, or even a new gymnasium for your family life center. Yes, you have the complete freedom to plan your interior layout without having to design around load-bearing walls. You will be able to place your Sunday School rooms and administrative offices wherever you want.

Quicker Construction

You can have the metal beams pre-drilled, pre-welded, and pre-punched at the factory and then delivered directly to your worksite for fast and simple construction.

No Compromise On Aesthetics

Using steel framing for your church building does not force you to compromise the look of your house of worship. (In other words, your church building will not have to look like a metal box.) Instead, you are free indeed to have any look you want from the traditional look of an A-frame or red-brick design, or something more modern. When you use metal, your church building can be adorned with decorative wood, brick, stucco, aggregate panels, and stain-glass. Having a beautiful building does not mean it has to cost a lot of money. Using metal is the economic, sensible choice that can save your congregation up to half the cost compared to wood.

Stronger And More Durable Construction

A metal church building framed with metal is very durable and therefore your congregation will be safe inside in the event of severe weather (such as high winds and heavy rain). The strong material is also able to hold-up under the weight of heavy snow without buckling or collapsing. Your house of worship will last longer because it will be highly resistant to damages commonly caused by water, mold, mildew, and termites (including the vicious Formosan termite which can attack even pressure treated lumber). Many insurance companies will typically not pay for the damages they cause. Framing your church with metal removes the worry of termites coming uninvited to your church picnic.

Easier To Meet Building Codes

When you frame your new church with metal it actually helps-not hurts-its ability to meet building code requirements. The safety features a metal building provides might save you even more money with lowered insurance costs. This is because many insurance companies recognize that metal is inflammable and the buildings they frame easier to extinguish than wood. Fires in a metal-framed building can often be contained to a single room.

Creates A More Climate Controlled Environment

The tight metal connections produce a climate-controlled environment, saving you not only money in heating and cooling costs, but providing a more comfortable worship environment. Make a building that is more efficient without having to pay more.

More Flexibility For Expansions

When a church congregation begins to grow and additional space is needed, metal buildings are easily and efficiently expandable. Your new annex will be just as sturdy and strong as the existing building to which it is connected.

The work of the Church is important. The Church's investment is one for eternity. Getting the best does not mean spending the most. These steel church buildings can last a lifetime and will provide a center of ministry for many years to come.