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Steel Buildings - Understanding The Steel Building Industry

Steel buildings are more popular than ever because more people and companies are realizing the many benefits and advantages of pre-engineered steel building systems. With this increase in popularity, more steel building companies than ever are entering the marketplace. Having a basic understanding of the steel building industry will help to ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that you are able to make a sound purchasing decision.

Beware of Steel Building Hucksters

As with many industries, the steel building industry has its share of hucksters. These companies are out to make a quick buck, and often prey on unsuspecting consumers who have not taken the time to educate themselves. Making a purchase without having proper knowledge about steel buildings and the purchasing process can be a recipe for disaster. Take the time to educate yourself.

Low-Grade Steel Buildings

Despite what some companies would lead you to believe, not all steel buildings are created equal. Some steel building companies purchase low-grade materials and components in order to offer the lowest possible price. These low-grade buildings may not be as reliable and may cost you more money in the future because of maintenance and other issues. Shopping for a steel building strictly on price can get you into deep trouble. We recommend purchasing the highest quality building you can afford. You do get what you pay for.

Getting the Most Value

If you want to get the most value for your money, you will not want to shop for a steel building on price alone. The lowest price does not necessarily mean the best value. In fact, the lowest price often means the lowest value for your building dollar.

Some steel building companies offer their customers very little in the way of post-sale support. We have heard many stories about customers who purchased a building from a company and were left on their own to figure out how to get the building erected. This can be an overwhelming challenge for an individual or organization that does not have experience with these types of projects.

Some of the larger steel building companies offer a great deal of project support. In fact, a few companies offer project managers who are available to assist you with the entire project. Unless you are a contractor or have a great deal of experience with steel buildings, having a project manager can be invaluable to you in ensuring the success of your project.

When making a purchasing decision, you will want to take into consideration the total value you are receiving. Will the company support you during the construction process? Will the company help you design the building to your specifications? Will the company help you with the permitting process? These are important questions to ask, especially if you are a business owner with little time to devote to the project.

Comparing Steel Buildings

When comparing steel buildings, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Even cheap buildings can be presented as high-quality on fancy brochures. In order to make an accurate comparison, you will need to have an understanding about steel buildings. If you have not already, we highly recommend reading the guide "Understanding steel Buildings".

To effectively compare steel buildings, you will want to look closely at the details. Find out what grade of steel is being used on the building. Find out what class of building is being offered. Investigate what additional support and services the supplier is offering with the package. If you do not look closely at these details, it will be hard to understand the value of what is being offered.

Putting Down a Deposit

In the steel building industry, it is common for a steel building company to request a deposit. This is understandable because the company will need this money to cover the cost of blueprints, bolt plans, and other work that needs to be done before and during the fabrication.

Before putting down a deposit, be sure to peruse the contract. Make sure that all verbal agreements have been included in the contract. You can't go back and correct this so get it done and done right up front. You want to also be sure that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to.

Clearance Buildings

In the steel building industry, rarely are buildings available ready to be shipped. Steel buildings are almost always fabricated after the customer places an order. Be leery of any company that tells you they have a special deal on a building that is ready to ship. This is often a marketing ploy to get you to make a quick decision.

Factory Direct Steel Buildings

Most steel building companies are not manufacturers and order steel buildings from factories and resell them to the end user. Be careful of any company that implies that they have their own factories.

Just because a company does not have a factory does not mean you should not do business with them. Some of the top companies in the industry do not have their own factories. Many factories do not sell direct to the public.

Steel Building Suppliers

Steel building suppliers are sometimes contract manufacturers. This means that the supplier purchases their steel buildings from factories according to their specifications. In a sense, they are sharing these factories with other suppliers. This makes good business sense and means less overhead than owning the factories themselves. This is the same type of arrangement used by companies such as Nike.

Suppliers usually sell their buildings through a network of dealers. Rarely do suppliers sell direct to the public. Chances are, you will be purchasing your steel building system through a dealer, which is fine.

Steel Building Dealers

Most consumers and organizations purchase steel buildings through a local dealer. These dealers purchase steel buildings from suppliers for resale purposes. Most dealers can help you obtain accessories for your building such as doors, windows, along with other components and accessories. Since dealers usually purchase these components either from a supplier or manufacturer and mark up the price, you may want to consider buying additional components locally or direct from a national company.

Hopefully this information has been helpful for you to understand the industry of steel buildings. Unless you know what to look for and what to expect, it is easy to be taken advantage of and end up with an inferior product.