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Some Buildings On The Internet Are NOT Worth It

The Internet is an amazing resource that is often accessed for information on purchasing a pre-engineered steel building. Keep in mind when doing these searches that some steel buildings on the internet are NOT worth it. It is a rather daunting task to find a manufacturer that not only will meet budget requirements but also meet your design specifications as well. If you type in "Steel Buildings" on any search engine you will see literally millions of results appear, with hundreds and hundreds of companies to pick from. Are all of these building companies alike and is it just a matter of getting the best quote, or are there differences? The answer to this question is "Yes." There are substantial differences in reliability and quality from company to company that any developer should be aware of as they search for steel buildings.

For starters, when it comes to shopping for a pre-engineered building off a website, there are indeed good companies as well as bad companies. For example, building companies such as Butler, General Steel, Morton, and Lester provide premium steel buildings. Each one of these businesses may be characterized as a "good company" because they each have a long history of excellence. However, there are steel building suppliers that seem to have come out of nowhere. Such companies just have a web page for their recognition. They all promise fast delivery, low prices, and the finest quality, even though the name of the manufacturer, typically, may be unfamiliar to most customers. Do not be so careless to blame a building manufacturer if you fail to do just some basic research on them. The onus is all on you.

How qualified is the company with whom you plan to do business? This is all your responsibility to find out. Sometimes those bells and whistles on the website is all some people take notice of. Once these companies try to get specific about their product, closer inspection reveals some interesting facts. Case in point, one website actually advertises any size steel building yet only makes small building types, such as garages, carports, and storage bins. Your new building is probably already made and ready to ship to you. How is this possible? Because some companies use the same sizes for all their customers regardless of their individual needs. In other words, when the website says that you can have "any size you want" means "any size we have." This company's sales representative will likely push you to what he wants you to have, not what you need for your building project. Another website states that their buildings do not need heavy-duty 26 gauge steel panels with their steel buildings. In other words, these companies use the cheaper, thinner 29 gauge steel instead of the (recommended) thicker, stronger 26 gauge alloy. Quality is indeed important! Anyone with a prefab steel building in an area that receives heavy amounts of snowfall or high winds will attest to this fact.

Being nothing other than a page on the Internet with a toll-free number, many steel building companies that are solely web-based are simply comprised of elaborate graphics and pictures. These websites will offer you not much more than a referral. Hence, they are middlemen who offer very few (if any) support services beyond the purchase of your new building. Needless to say, we are not talking about the companies mentioned above. Such new companies may just be after your money (and nothing else). Compare the prices and services with nationally advertised companies. You are able to order on-line from the websites of some of these steel building companies. This is O.K. provided that the building codes and loads provided by their "online pricing" systems are acceptable to the county you live in. Did you know that if you do not specify precisely, your building will be built according to generic standards? Make sure, therefore, that you do specify exactly what you need to have. You have to be aware of what your codes are and try to "force" these into the formula. As soon as you do the price goes up. You may not even be able to find prices for the codes you have to have on some of these websites. That alone should tell you something about the type of organization you are dealing with. One online company, priding itself on its "online purchasing ease", specifically states that it will not sell into certain areas of Florida or California. It turns out that these are frequent hurricane and heavy seismic activity areas that premium quality steel building companies provide durable structures to every year. You have a choice when you are selecting a company for your steel building requirements. Therefore, don't do business with an unknown company found only on the Internet. Instead, work with an established and trustworthy company. If you perform your due diligence, you'll be able to rest much easier knowing that your money is going to a company who knows how to construct quality steel buildings.