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The Definitive Guide To Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Moving Your Project From Steel Beams To A Steel Building

You’re the customer. You need to be in touch with what’s going on in the building process. Your goal is to move your project from steel beams alone to a steel building. Talk to the dealer. Talk to them to ensure that you understand everything about the building process; especially information regarding the delivery of the building. Once your new building has been pre-engineered, it will be delivered to your job site. Although some steel building suppliers do deliver with their own fleet of trucks, this is usually managed by a third-party carrier. All shipment arrangements will be made by the manufacturer in accordance to the invoice. It is necessary to plan ahead and figure in whatever steps and time that is needed for the shipping of your building to be fulfilled. Those who wait until the last minute to notify the building supplier of changes to the shipping arrangements may expect to pay more in the way of fees or overall costs.

The manufacturer is the one who is responsible for delivering the building to the worksite. Most likely the structure will be shipped by a standard carrier. The common carrier is the one who will be responsible to receive the building materials from the steel building supplier and then ship it to the work site. When the building is transported to the work site, it is all up to the customer or buyer to receive the steel and all materials associated with it. If everything on the invoice is filled out correctly, then the new building will be hauled directly to you at the place of construction so that building construction can begin immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to establish that the proper address is specified on the paper work prior to shipping.

It is also the customer's responsibility to verify when the building is to be sent. The total completion time for a new pre-engineered building may vary. From start to finish it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. However, when compared to conventional construction methods, this is still a lot faster. The customer should allow ample time to finish the steel building design, pre-engineering, and delivery.

Some customers will decide to have their new pre-engineered steel building trucked in to the construction site before the start of the erection process. Once the building pieces are brought in to the place of construction they need to be sufficiently covered and not left out into the open. Most steel buildings are shipped with primer and protective coatings already applied. Simply because these parts have protective coatings does not mean that they are impervious to the effects of adverse weather conditions. In other words, you don't want these metal pieces left out in the open for several days, let alone a few weeks.

An erector is the one who will transform your project from steel beams to a steel building. Therefore, start early–well in advance of the start of construction and hire the best erector you can find. During the high building season most building erectors and contractors are booked up for weeks or even months. Don't get stuck by not planning ahead far enough. The best approach is to secure a qualified and experienced erector early on. Lock in a date that will be feasible for the customer, supplier, and erector to receive the building, deliver it, and erect it on time.