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Steel Building Directory – What To Look For In Pre-Fab Steel Buildings

Welcome to Steel Building Directory, your window into the steel building industry. Here you will find all of the important information you need to know about steel building construction projects. Whether you are looking for a building supplier for a project, or are simply looking to educate yourself, Steel Building Directory can help you to quickly find what you want.

Understanding Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are a major purchase for most buyers. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for in a steel building in order to make the right purchasing decision. Although it isn’t necessary to understand every detail, it can be helpful for you to have some of the basics so you understand steel buildings before you buy.

There are two steel building types that are the most common. These are the rigid-frame and arch-frame styles. If you are looking for anything like a garage or sports arena, you will probably want a rigid-framed building. On the other hand, if you plan to store equipment, hay or even chickens, an arch-frame steel building may be what you want.

This site will give you a good overview of both rigid-frame and arched steel building systems. Most of the emphasis will be on rigid-framed buildings. This information will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to buy.

Steel Buildings Glossary

This site provides a dedicated page to a steel buildings glossary, which will aid you in understanding all of the terms used in the steel building industry. It’s important to understand various terms when discussing your project with a potential building erector.

Various Steel Building Projects

Steel can be used for a vast array of building projects. Most people think of commercial steel buildings when it comes to steel construction, but there are many other personal projects as well. Some very common building that are constructed from metal are the self-storage buildings. These storage units have become very popular over the last twenty years or so. Metal buildings hold up better than wood structures and are easier to construct.

Many people, especially in rural areas construct steel garage buildings. With the ease of construction and a lower cost, this is a very popular way to go. On ranches, steel riding arenas work out very well. For one who has a “private” plane, a steel aircraft hangar is a good option to keep your plane protected. In recent years, many churches have opted for steel church buildings. Again, the price is less and the construction is sturdier. Also, you have more flexibility in the designs you can use.

Most individuals and businesses are looking for ways to save money with the use of steel buildings. This is important, but you want to also end up with a quality building.

Saving Money On Steel Building Projects

Steel buildings are gaining in popularity. One reason they are becoming more popular is the fact that they can be developed at a fraction of the cost compared to other building materials and methods. Some of the innovations that have taken place over the years include simulated exteriors, parapets, and mansards. Building codes can more easily be met with steel structures. Your better companies have engineers who work with the construction crew to assure that codes are not only met, but exceeded. With these experts, you will see how you can save money with steel buildings. They will help guide you through the process, turning steel beams into beautiful steel buildings.

The Internet Is A Good Source But Be Careful

Use of the internet can be very helpful, especially when accessing information on the purchase of pre-engineered steel buildings. You will find that some buildings on the internet are not worth it. It is a difficult task, at best, to find a manufacturer that will keep you on budget and meet your design specifications. By typing in "Steel Buildings" on your search engine, hundreds of companies will pop up. This actually poses a dilemma. You need to ask yourself, “are all of these building companies alike?” Is getting the best quote the same as getting the best product? Not necessarily. There are considerable differences in reliability and in the quality you get from one company to another.  

For example, building companies such as Butler, General Steel, Morton, and Lester provide premium steel buildings. Each one of these businesses may be characterized as a "good company" because they each have a long history of excellence. But, there are companies that are bad. Even they “promise” fast delivery, the finest quality and low prices. Make sure you do your research on them before placing an order.

As you do your research, check out what all is involved in the steel building industry. Check out our section on this topic, which should be very informative and helpful in your decision making process.

Comparing Steel Buildings

Do some reading on the delivery of your steel building. When comparing steel buildings, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Even cheap buildings can be presented as high-quality on fancy brochures. In order to make an accurate comparison, you will need to have an understanding about steel buildings. If you have not already, we highly recommend reading the guide "Understanding steel Buildings".

Advantages of Steel Buildings

There are some distinct advantages of steel buildings over other types of structures. Some of these advantages are listed below:

·       Smaller Columns

·       Larger Spans

·       Economical Designs

·       More Simple to Modify or Renovate

·       Reduced Construction Time

·       Reduced Foundation Cost

·       Completely Recyclable

·       Better Earthquake Protection

·       Advantages For Sustainable Development

·       Strength to Weight Ratio is High

·       Offers More Flexibility Of Structures

·       Types Of Steel Buildings

·       Commercial Steel Buildings

·       Prefab Steel Buildings

·       Residential Steel Buildings

·       Cost Of Steel Buildings VS Other Building Materials

As you read through this website, please take some time to understand the ins and outs of steel buildings. As you educate yourself, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision. This Steel Building Directory has been developed to aid you in the process. Best of luck in your future steel building projects.